Tonybet Sports Arena
Tonybet Sports Arena

Our largest screen, the exclusive 90-seat Tonybet Sports Arena, is a real gem in terms of the variety of its screens, with 1 large cinema screen and several small side screens for a visual experience.

The room is equipped with:
– a large cinema screen 9,5 meters wide and 5,5 meters high
– HDMI / VGA connection
– smaller side screens
– Wired and wireless internet connection
– sound system
– Whiteboard and flipchart with writing implements
– note papers and pens for participants

Sports Arena can be rented on an hourly or full day basis, giving you the opportunity to have a faster get-together or an all-day event with us. The Sports Arena also offers the possibility to book tables privately throughout the hall or as an open event to watch a spectacular sporting event together. Catering can be ordered for each event.

Whether it’s a conference, training or other nice get-together, we always recommend that you take time to relax after the official part of the event. For this purpose, after the event or a spectacular sports event, we offer the opportunity to enjoy a heated sauna, raise the team’s adrenaline with exciting attractions, or enjoy a movie in the cinema.

Of the films, we mainly offer films that are currently in the cinema program, but if possible we can also arrange a premiere or show an older film that has already been planned. You can find adrenaline pumping entertainment packages HERE.

If you are interested and/or have questions, write to us at or call +372 518 9470